Friday, 5 December 2014


The aim of these articles, or blog writings, is to put forth ideas that do not require a long thesis or book to generate some form of debate or contemplation. Many of these ideas will be related to the actual books that I have written, but the books themselves don't need to be read to understand any of the topics addressed here.

As these writings will be between 500 to 1500 words maximum, they will usually only contain one or two main arguments, rather than a detailed and exhaustive look at one particular topic. Despite the brevity of these writings they are able to give a taste of how the actual books are written.

Although not all the ideas will have a direct or obvious relationship with the books, they will however always relate to existence, and the human condition and psyche we are familiar with. Therefore they should all be considered connected to some degree.

Sometimes the ideas may at first seem challenging, perhaps not intellectually, but emotionally. Some ideas could seem objectionable if not read correctly and thoroughly. This can cause a block in the reader where they no longer read the argument rationally, if they continue reading at all. This can include arguments that 'prick' very sensitive areas for some people. Regardless, it is important to read any argument slowly and thoroughly followed by a calm contemplation, otherwise certain ideas can be lost in a wave of emotion.

Having just read this you may wonder what horrid ideas could possibly lie within. None of the ideas will be of a bigotry nature in any way, or condone such thinking and behaviour. Rather the ideas will merely challenge sacred cows, and ideas and customs that people hold dear. This will usually concern ideas that individuals have become accustomed and perhaps slightly attached to for emotional/sentimental reasons, rather than inspired or logical reasons.

This is in no way saying that all the topics will seem controversial or perhaps even interesting to all readers. Some topics could seem straight forward to certain individuals, while challenging to others. It's obviously all subjective. The idea is to challenge people and get them thinking about some of the most important issues that govern and confront our lives. Therefore it is likely that everyone can find something of interest.

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